[Librecmc-users] libreCMC v1.4.2 Frivolous Fred has been released!

Robert Call bob at librecmc.org
Sun Dec 31 22:50:21 EST 2017

The libreCMC project is proud to announce the release of v1.4.2. This
maintenance release fixes various security issues and includes:

* linux-libre 4.4.108
* openvpn 2.4.4
* openssl-1.0.2n (CVE-2017-3735, CVE-2017-3736) fix
* ath9k_htc driver and firmware support
* Busybox CVE 2017-16544 fix
* curl CVE 2017-8816 / 2017-8817 fix
* Samba CVE-2017-15275 fix
* GL-AR300M (2nd gen/ new nand flash) support.
* various other fixes

The next release of libreCMC (v1.4.3) is scheduled for release on or
around March 31st.

;TLDR As always, get the newest version of libreCMC! This new release
fixes many security bugs and it's new!

v1.4.2 images : https://librecmc.org/librecmc/downloads/snapshots/v1.4.

v1.4.2 core images : https://librecmc.org/librecmc/downloads/snapshots/

v1.4.2 legacy images : https://librecmc.org/librecmc/downloads/snapshot
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