[Librecmc-users] Very simple question about upgrade

Vivien Kraus vivien at planete-kraus.eu
Sun Nov 25 05:59:33 EST 2018


Thank you for your answer.  Now I understand that it was obviously the
right image to use, but when I looked at the list for the first time I
did not know what to look for and I missed it.  Please excuse my
ignorance :)

Now everything works.

Best regards,


Christopher Howard writes:

> Hi, NAND build is just for the GL-AR300M model, which uses NAND memory.
> You want generic, with the build for tpe-r1100
> https://librecmc.org/librecmc/downloads/snapshots/v1.4.5/ar71xx/generic
> /librecmc-ar71xx-generic-tpe-r1100-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
> On Sat, 2018-11-24 at 23:48 +0100, Vivien Kraus wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I am running librecmc on a thinkpenguin router
>> (https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/free-software-wireless-n-mini
>> -vpn-router-tpe-r1100)
>> and I would like to upgrade from version 1.3.4 to the latest version,
>> 1.4.5.The website has different "flavors",
>> (https://librecmc.org/librecmc/downloads/snapshots/), but still when
>> I
>> choose the "main" flavor I go to
>> https://librecmc.org/librecmc/downloads/snapshots/v1.4.5/ar71xx/.I
>> don't know whether I should choose "generic" or "nand" ; what is the
>> difference?How do I know which one is compatible with my router?
>> If I take the "generic" approach, I now have a very large amount of
>> "sysupgrade" squashfs images; which one should I take?How do I
>> know?
>> Best regards,
>> Vivien
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