[Librecmc-users] TPE-R1100 green LED

Robert Call (Bob) bob at librecmc.org
Thu Dec 13 21:21:25 EST 2018

On Wed, 2018-12-12 at 21:06 +0100, David Ayers wrote:
> Hello,
> last night my TPE-R1100 had an issue, that it has once in while...
> the
> access point and LAN work, but no Internet access via WAN.  This
> often
> happens after reboot.  The workaround is to
> - disconnect the WAN cable
> - activate DHCP on the WAN interface via LAN and save
> - deactivate DHCP on the WAN interface and save
> - reconnect the WAN
> cable
> and Internet connectivity is restored... all good.

What version of libreCMC is being used? Providing a redacted system log
might give some more insight into what is going wrong.

> But this time I noticed that the green LED does not light up anymore,
> even though WLAN, LAN and WAN all seem to be working.  It's not a
> real
> issue, and I don't really mind if it's off because the LED simply
> broke, but I was wondering
> . what exactly does the LED indicate and 
> - could it be a configuration issue

The first LED to turn on is the WAN LED. By default, it indicates that
u-boot has loaded the kernel and the kernel is now running. The 3 LEDs
can be programmed to do a wide range of things and can be configured in
/etc/config/system or System -> LED Configuration under luci.
If there is a problem with the LED, then it could indicate a more
serious issue with the router.

Robert Call (Bob)
bob at librecmc.org

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