[Librecmc-users] Librecmc and DHT/IPFS

Ryan rysa88 at posteo.net
Fri Jan 22 06:21:53 EST 2021


Sorry to be a pain, but there is a gap in my understanding which I hope 
you could help with. I shall try to explain as best I can.

I have been playing around with IPFS, my gateway uses Librecmc, hence 
why I thought it best to ask here. Basically, when I start IPFS librecmc 
functions as normal, however about maybe 6-12 hours later, there is a 
noticible slowdown, not enough to grind the router to a halt, but enough 
to notice latency on an otherwise relatively fast connection, once 
stopping IPFS, this goes away again. Looking at the connection tracking 
page, which freezes, there are lots of (as expected UDP connections (as 
I am only running it using IPFS with QUIC). Whilst not the same but 
still DHT, I have also seen on the wiki for rtorrent DHT, 
https://github.com/rakshasa/rtorrent/wiki/Using-DHT. That it suggests 
using the firewall forwarding ruleĀ  with NOTRACK, to reduce the tracking 
at the router level and thus reduce the load. Now my question is, would 
Librecmc, if I add the NOTRACK to the extra arguments to my existing 
forwarding rule, mean that the router just passes the packets to my 
server (which is firewalled) and thus potentially reduce unnecessary 
load on the router and perhaps restore lower latency and secondly, are 
there any (security or otherwise) implications to not tracking UDP 
packets at the router level?

Caveats, I have tried my two most "powerful" devices running librecmc 
and the result is generally the same. IPFS's DHT uses considerably more 
data than Bittorents, but still a fraction of the available down 
bandwidth, also once pages are resolved and when downloading or trying a 
speedtest, there is no apparent loss of speed, which leads me to think 
the router is struggling with tracking the UDP packets?

As I say sorry if this seems obvious, but I like to ask to be sure , Its 
something I'd like to sort if it is seemingly that simple a fix, but 
thought best to ask.

Many thanks to any responses


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